in English

Saarijärvi high school

This is our high school!
Det här är vårt gymnasium!
Voilà notre lycée!
Hier ist unser Gymnasium!

Welcome to Central Finland and our high school. Our high school is situated in the town of Saarijärvi, which has about 10 000 inhabitants. Surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests, our high school offers a wonderful place to become a baccalaureate.

Our competent teachers will guide you all the way to the final exams. You also have a wide range of subjects to choose from according to your own interests. An encouraging atmosphere and team spirit are our priorities. With around 100 high school students we are a flexible and tight community that supports and works well together.

Not only do we have more than two decades of experience in international projects but we also provide three different foreign languages you can choose from: German, French and Russian. Swedish is an obligatory subject that enables our students to use our nation’s second official language.

In addition to studying, our students can also participate in working in a stock company that sells second hand study material at a lower price. This allows the students to learn among other things bookkeeping and holding official meetings.

We also work tightly with the local entrepreneurs and have good relations with them. In the past years we have, for example, asked them to come and tell about their work to our students by organising a 1-day employment and education fair in our school. This kind of cooperation has benefited both the students and the entrepreneurs.

The building in the picture above is a temporary one as we wait for the new school building to rise from the dust of the old one in 2021. However, it’s the people who make the school and not the walls. Come and see for yourselves 😉